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De Haan
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De Haan is a pretty, Belle Epoque coastal town to the north of Oostende.

There is no railway station here, so the ideal way to get here is on Kust-Tram (Coast Tram) which runs along the coast from Knokke in the north to De Panne in the south. De Haan is in the direction of Knokke when catching the tram in Oostende.

We bought a day pass on the tram for 5 Euros, which allowed us to get on and off as much as we wanted, and we made the most of it, stopping in De Haan, Blankenberge, Zeebrugge and going on to Knokke. We travelled towards De Panne on another day but did not manage to get any photos (that will hopefully change this year!)

A view along the front, notice the beach huts!

Corner shop
A shop on a corner.

Shops in De Haan

We went to De Haan on a Wednesday, which was market day. As we stepped off the tram we were greeted by the smell of food!

Looking north along the route of Kust tram. The building is a water tower.

Buildings in De Haan

Learn more about Kusttram here.